Entry #1

God Defend our Castle 3D

2007-08-21 16:36:19 by Tiinusen2

I have been thinking about creating a new game that will take Newgrounds with flash and thunder, and i have been thinking about making God Defend our Castle 3D, i cannot tell you much about it. but i can tell you that im going to use my 3D Idea from Medieval War Version 2 and place it into my God Defend our Castle Series, I hope you all will enjoy it. and i would like to have some ideas too. it would be great.


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2007-08-21 17:43:32

Is that your hair? I clicked your post to read about your defense game, but now i'm so much more interested in your hair :D

Tiinusen2 responds:

Come on, Im not interested in showing you more pictures of my hair. give me some ideas about the game instead


2007-08-21 18:02:34

Your hair looks really bizarre, Its way longer than any mohawk Ive seen. Post more pics of your silly hair lololol

Tiinusen2 responds:

Same to you. i wont show more pictures of my hair. give me some ideas instead


2007-10-14 04:30:11

Well i think you should make it so people can go into the screen where you fight that is a very key point in your flashes that make them absolutely fucking wonderful! But get some ground infantry with swords and shit to kill the enemy and some catapults that would be addicting for hours anyways your my #1 flash artist i play your game every day you rock ass